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Supporting a network of authorized TGW Distributors throughout the Americas
Supporting a network of authorized TGW Distributors throughout the Americas



True non-contact accumulation conveying products without damage

TGW System’s XenoPRESSURE XP43CZ provides true non-contact accumulation and features photo electronic sensors and a pre-wired control system. Zero-pressure zones guarantee that products will not touch one another during accumulation. This is extremely important where fragile products require protection from damage. In addition, one product per zone allows singulated release. The unique line-shaft design utilizes a quiet pressure pad assembly. Upon a signal from the zone sensor, a XenoBRAKE assembly raises against the underside of the carrying rollers, quietly and efficiently stopping and locking their rotation. This stops the product in that zone.

CRUZcontrol is TGW Systems patented electronic sensing design, featuring integral photoeye, solenoid valve and control module all pre-assembled at our factory. The local control logic is built-in, not added at installation, greatly reducing field wiring and implementation time and expense.

Technical Data

> Max. Product Weight: 50 lbs/ft or 75 lbs/product

> Min. Product Length: 9 on 3 roller centers

> Standard Widths: 16, 22, 28, & 34 between frames

> Zone Lengths: 18, 24, 30, & 36

> Speed Range: 30 to 120 fpm

> Operating Air Pressure: 40 PSI



Non-contact zero-pressure accumulation

Protection of fragile products from impact

CRUZcontrol electronic sensing

No minimum weight restriction

Cushioned pneumatic actuation

Quiet operation and increased component life

Factory pre-wired and tested control logic

Easy, fast installation reduces cost

Preset CRUZcontrol logic

Eliminates field programming to cut costs

Five year, 10,000 hour warranty

Peace of mind

Basic or progressive zone release

Product release rate matching application

24 volt CRUZcontrol

Reduced wiring cost