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Supporting a network of authorized TGW Distributors throughout the Americas
Supporting a network of authorized TGW Distributors throughout the Americas



Lifetime Service DBU

The Lifetime Service DBU department at TGW Systems is your Authorized Distributors resource for on-going support and maintenance of your material handling equipment. Working with your Authorized Distributors, Lifetime Service DBU can continue to assist in keeping your equipment operating at peak performance levels, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business. Beyond our standard warranty, Lifetime Service DBU can offer programs specific tailored to your specific equipment needs. Contact your local Distributor for assistance.

24/7/365 Technical Support

TGW Systems offers technical support as part of our standard warranty. Technical support is managed by Distributor Services and is available through your Distributor, Monday through Friday, and via an emergency response process designated for after hours, weekends, and holidays.

During Normal Business Hours

8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday, contact your Distributor for the appropriate resource.

Outside of Normal Business Hours (FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY)

After 5 PM, Monday through Friday, weekends, and holidays, we are able to assists Distributors via a Emergency Service hotline set up with an automated attendant service to contact the appropriate personel.

Emergency Service

TGW Systems will support you in any way possible, and has the ability to dispatch trained field engineers to help get your equipment back to full operational capacity. Our skilled and experienced Field Service Engineers have the knowledge and resources to diagnose and fix problems in the shortest time possible. To expedite support please have available the Job Number, the Item Number, and a description of the issue.  This information can be found on the bed label atteched to each bed during manufacturing.

Contact your local Authorized Distributor for support, or use our Hotline Telephone Support for after hours support.

Hotline Telephone Support

Hotline telephone support is available 24/7/365 because you need us when you need us: immediately, not just during office hours.

Phone: 231-798-4547
After hours emergencies (24 Hour): 231-798-4818

Equipment Audits

TGW Systems has a staff of highly trained and experienced technical engineers that are available to support your equipment needs. We will perform an independent audit of your current equipment conditions and provide a detailed report along with recommendations of items in need of repair or replacement.

Problems start out as symptoms. An equipment audit can spot symptoms before they become problems. The result is less downtime.

Contact your local Authorized Distributor for a quote.

TGW Systems Equipment Warranty

TGW Systems warrants that the material and workmanship entering into its equipment is merchantable and will be furnished in accordance with the specifications stated.

TGW Systems agrees to furnish the purchaser without charge any part proved defective within 2 years from date of shipment provided the purchaser gives TGW Systems immediate notice in writing and examination proves the claim that such materials or parts were defective when furnished. For drive components specific to XenoROL® (i.e. Xeno belts, slave Xeno belts, drive spools, standard and speed-up, and spacers), this warranty shall be extended to five years of running use, provided the conveyors are applied, installed and maintained in accordance with TGW Systems published standards. Other than the above, there are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof. Consequential damages of any sort are wholly excluded.

The liability of TGW Systems will be limited to the replacement cost of any defective part.  All freight and installation costs relative to any warranted part will be at the expense of the purchaser.  Any liability of TGW Systems under the warranties specified above is conditioned upon the equipment being installed, handled, operated, and maintained in accordance with the written instructions provided or approved in writing by TGW Systems.

The warranties specified above do not cover, and TGW Systems makes no warranties which extend to, damage to the equipment due to deterioration or wear occasioned by chemicals, abrasion, corrosion or erosion; Purchaser's misapplication, abuse, alteration, operation or maintenance; abnormal conditions of temperature or dirt; or operation of the equipment above rated capacities or in an otherwise improper manner.



TGW Warranty Inquiry Form

TGW Warranty Return Process

Spare Parts Ordering

At TGW Systems we maintain an inventory of critical spares and replacement parts in Norton Shores, MI. Why? So you can have the parts on hand when you need them and can count on fast turnaround for replacement parts. Most parts orders are shipped with in two days from receipt of order before 12:00pm EST.

Part orders (in stock) for next day air shipment must be received before 12:00pm EST. 

Most equipment orders come with two spare parts lists, a consolidated list with recommended quantities and pricing and a "where used" list based on each defined conveyor unit. All spare part listings are kept on file for Distributor "back up" for future reference.

If you do not have your equipment spare part listing... we want to get parts to you as quickly as we canand you can help by providing the information from the bed tag label.

sEach unit of TGW Systems equipment has a white paper label attached either to the inside or outside face of the side channel.

Parts Inquiry

Old Label Style

old label style

Old Label Style


New Label Style

New Label Style 2015

The label will contain all of the following information:

  1. ITEM # (TGW's Item # for this piece of equipment)
  2. DESC (Description of the piece of equipment)
  3. Job # (The most important information for us to help you. Job # allows us to generate a list of all equipment originally shipped with this unit)
  4. M No: Manufacture Number and Date (Assembly date which reveals the age of the equipment)
  5. TAG #
  6. QR (Quick Retrieval Bar Code) scan for IOM manual

Having this information available when you call your Authorized TGW Systems Distributor will help expedite the process, and get you the parts you need faster.

Parts Inquiry

Warranty Return Process

In order for TGW Systems to provide warranty service for parts, the customer must provide the following information.

Provide a picture of the bed tag located on the bed section where the part(s) failed. If a picture cannot be provided, then copy the information as stated below.

SP Label

Bed Tag General Information Required:

  • Good Description Example: (Motorized roller is making a grinding noise, is hot to touch, and roller driver card is blinking code 1xxxx.)

    Bad Description Example: (Roller failed)

    TGW will evaluate this information and determine if the part needs to be returned or discarded.

    Once the required information above is received, TGW will send a no-charge replacement part to the customer via UPS/LTL ground. If the part is to be returned, TGW requires the failed part to be returned prepaid unless otherwise stated within 10 working days after receipt of replacement part.

    Return TGW’s RMA Request Form with your attached documents to or fill out TGW’s online warranty form While filling in the form information, attach your documents and pictures, and submit the information. This will automatically go to TGW’s Life Time Service team.

    TGW will either evaluate the part at TGW's facility or return the part to TGW’s vendor for evaluation. If the part failure is determined to be a warranty failure, a Return Authorization (RA) will be issued and sent to the customer. If the part failure is determined to be a non-warranty failure then TGW will invoice for the replacement part, shipping cost, and evaluation fees as applicable.

Return requirements.

  1. Return a copy of the RA form as a packing list along with material being returned.
  2. RA number (located in the upper right hand corner of the RA form) must be shown on all shipping labels and documents for product to be accepted and properly routed.
  3. Return product to:

TGW Systems Inc.
Attn: Quality Department
1300 E Mount Garfield Road
Norton Shores MI 49441-6097

      4. Returns must be Freight Prepaid unless otherwise stated on the return order.4.

Warranty Specialists are available during normal business hours
Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm Eastern Time