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Supporting a network of authorized TGW Distributors throughout the Americas
Supporting a network of authorized TGW Distributors throughout the Americas


Standard Equipment: The CRUZbelt4 maintains many of the new design qualities as the CRUZbelt. The belt conveyor is designed, manufactured and shipped preassembled. The standard CRUZbelt4 comes with an end drive and an adjustable endpulley assembly. The CRUZbelt4 design parameters such as integrated crossmembers, snubber slide brackets and end pulley cams result in minimal field adjustments and belt tracking. All that is required to install the CRUZbelt4 is to mount the unit on floor supports, hook up the power and turn it on.   

Mechanical Characteristic:

Horizontal Slider: A formed slider pan between CRUZchannel frames with welded bed connectors and painted crossmembers make up the frame. Return rollers are 1.9" diameter, with precision bearings and 7/16" hex axles.

Frame: 7-1/2" CRUZchannel (belt low) has 12 ga. formed steel side channels 7-1/2" deep x 1-5/8" flanges bolted-in crossmembers and welded bed connectors. Frames are painted job color.

End Pulleys: 2.5” diameter DOM tubing, 11/16 axle, 6205 sealed bearing.

Drive Bed: 3-phase 60hz In-line high efficiently helical gearmotor with self-aligning rolling cam take-up, Brake motor provided as an option

Available Lengths: 3’ to 12’ in one foot increments

Belt Types: Belt: Smooth top monofilament belting


Nominal Widths between Frames (BF): 16”, 22”, 28” & 34”

Maximum Product Loading: 50 lbs/ft or 75 lbs per product.

Operating Temperature: 35° to 120°F