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Supporting a network of authorized TGW Distributors throughout the Americas
Supporting a network of authorized TGW Distributors throughout the Americas

Narrow Belt Sorters

NBS has proven advantages over conventional sorters 


Unique NBS conveyors are specifically designed for quiet operation. Features such as several narrow belts instead of one wide belt; belts running in a track; elimination of drive mechanisms at divert points; minimal belt snubbing at 30-degree divert points; optimum belt tension on each narrow belt with patented automatic belt take-up; and no product-to-roller noise at any divert point contribute to a sorter so quiet that actual sound pressure measurements are 75% less than those for conventional sorters.

Minimizing energy consumption is good business practice. The NBS design features described above not only reduce noise, but also contribute toward lowering horsepower requirements. In addition, NBS pneumatics consume a very small quantity of air. These are all factors contributing to NBS energy consumption of at least 60% less than conventional sorters.During the last 10 years, energy consumption of TGW Systems NBS has been reduced by 87.5% compared to the belt with pop-up wheel sorters, which has a conventional sorter construction over 1500 in operation today.

Shorter installation time always improves schedule and reduces cost. Advantages such as the large number of pre-assembled components, no requirement for belt tracking, easy repositioning of transfers, and simple modular construction enable NBS installations to be completed, including commissioning, in half the time required to install conventional sorters.

Technical Data

> Product Weight Range NBS 30 and 90: 1 to 75 lbs

> Product Weight Range NBS 90SP: 1 to 20 lbs

> Rates up to NBS 30: 100 CPM, NBS 90: 65 CPM, Wave 200: 200 CPM

> Product size NBS 30 and 90:

- 6" x 9" min.

- NBS 30 and wave: 28" x 36" max.

- NBS 90: 28" x 28" max.

- NBS 90SP: 4" x 4" min., 13" x 24" max.



Main conveyor drives divert wheels on NBS 30

Minimum power consumption and operating cost, best-value capital investment

Product is conveyed along entire length on belt

Quiet operation, increased accuracy of diverts

Simple design

Ease of maintenance

Individual belt take-ups

Smooth product flow, long belt life

Modularity of divert mechanism

Quick, easy reconfiguration of system

Pick up product "on-the-fly" on NBS 90

Maximize sort rate

2 sided sorting for both 30 degree and 90 degree units


Optional pre-aligner


3-row, 5-row and 7-row options